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Rednal Airfield's recreational and leisure facilities

Rednal Airfield is proud to host a group of activities for leisure, recreation and fun.
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  1. Go-Karts - a renowned karting track with an excellent straight, awesome hairpins and high speed wide corners.
  2. Paintball - based around the old WWII control tower and ancillary buildings. Stalk through the ruins and trees and blast your mates with rapid fire rounds Guaranteed to test your skills and courage.
  3. Laser-shootout - You will need your wits about you in this strategic and challenging game. For all ages it provides the balance between adventure and adrenaline. By using high tech lasers with unlimited rounds of ammo you can really let loose. The laser combat games are played in an abandoned wild west ghost town, which can be flood lit for night time games.
  4. Hovercrafts and Segways - ever seen those chase sequences in Bayou country in Bond's "Live 'n' Let Die?" This is as close as it's going to get in the West Midlands: zoom around an adventure course from wetlands to walkways on our very own everglades experience.

Motorcycle jumping

  1. Jason Rennie Rednal record breaking at Rednal.
  2. Jason Rennie BBC webpage mentioning Rednal
  3. Jason Rennie at Rednal video getting set up for 2000.
  4. Jason Rennie's 2000 jumps video.

Aviation History

The following references mention Rednal in varying degree. Some of the books just in passing, but Clostermann's has some great sections.

  1. Website: Control Towers of Britain - Rednal
  2. Website: Toby Neal
  3. Book: "Shropshire Airfields" by Toby Neal. An excellent and authoritative reference with exzcellent pictures.
  4. Book: "Malta Spitfire" by George Beurling & Leslie Roberts. George "Buzz" Beurling's, aka Screwball, reminiscences, even if co-authored, are a must for every Spitfire aficionado and very much part of Rednal's aviation heritage.
  5. Book: "Images of Aviation, Shropshire Airfields" by Alec Brew & Barry Abraham. A very fine collection of photographs.
  6. Book:  "Shropshire Airfields of the Second World War" by Robin Brooks. A very well-researched book with excellent photographs.
  7. Book: "The Big Show" by Pierre Clostermann. The great Clostermann is somewhat derogatory about the greyness and muddiness of wartime Britain, but his account of first solo in a 'Spitty' is a classic piece of writing.
  8. Book: "Wings Across the Border: History of Aviation in North Wales and the Northern Marches Volumes 1-3" by Mike Grant. A *very* thoroughly researched piece of work.
  9. Book: "Mission Accomplished" by Frank Mares. He fled his native Czeckoslovakia and got to Britain to fight the invaders. Very brief mention of Rednal, but touching account of drinking with local boyos in the pub, the author saying cheers in Czech, the locals in Welsh, but the camarederie crossing cultural divides.
  10. Book: "The Military Airfields of Britain - Wales and West Midlands", by Ken Delve. Very good pictures and excellent research.
  11. Book: "Action Stations: 3. Military Airfields of Wales and the North West", by David J. Smith.

Disambiguation - Other Rednals

  1. Rednal Pneumatics, aka Rednal Industries (started out in Rednal, hence the name).
  2. Birmingham suburb near M5-M42 junction, home of Longbridge, map here.
  3. Baroness Rednal (1919-2005) aka Doris Fisher, a Labour Peeress. Her obituary by Tam Dalyell published in the 'Independent'.
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