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Pictures, History and Scrapbook of Rednal's Surroundings

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A Double Rainbow

These are not infrequent but rare to capture in their entirety from horizon to horizon.

Double rainbow from Grimpo Bridge

Note the 'Alexander's Band' effect of the darkened sky between the primary and secondary rainbows.

Some links on rainbows and atmospheric optics, a fascinating area of knowledge with much to explore and understand. These links open in a new tab.

Multiple rainbows: Multiple rainbow explanation

Alexander's Dark Band: Alexander's Band

More rainbow explanations - part of an atmospheric optics webpage: Atoptics bows

An Atmospheric Optics encyclopædia: Atmospheric Optics website

Happy Sheep

happy sheep

Love having their picture taken, hate winter.

Rednal Station

Unfortunately no longer in use and in a state of moderate neglect. Would love to know the date of the picture and the occasion for the smartly turned-out subjects.

Rednal Station

The station is on the Chester-bound side of the tracks. During Rednal's years as an airbase, 2 WAAFs were tragically killed crossing the line, leading to the construction of a nearby underpass. Does anybody know the names of the hapless duo?

Rednal Station had a siding for the rail/canal interchange. The wooden shed with its canopy is still in existence - just.

Rednal Siding and Works

The Bone Works

A now-vanished factory for turning bones, hooves, hides and horns into glue and fertiliser. Demolished by the canal authorities, the canal basin survives and is an eerie place. If anyone has photos or prints of the place we would love to include them. From recollections of those alive during its operational years, the smell downwind was legendary.

Rednal Bone Works

Map from 1926 showing wharf, footbridge and the square basin.

Transcribed GWR map of Rednal Bone Works

Hand-drawn map of Rednal's canal/rail intersection which also shows Rednal Station. As well as the Bone Works' output, human passengers could change between boat and train travel. Thank you to the author who has carefully transcribed this from source - forgotten the webpage it came from, so apologies for lack of credit, please get in touch as would love to know what the source material is.

Rednal railtracks

Railway tracks from Grimpo Bridge looking towards the Berwyn Hills on a cold day.

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